When God Doesn’t Answer Prayers


These days out this straightforward inquiry is in the brains of a considerable lot of us who have faith in God. We follow God, we have enough faith, we implore, we do all that we realize how to do in our prayer life however God has still not addressed our prayers. Or then again more regrettable, God’s answer is no. There are endless responses to the inquiry “why God doesn’t answer our prayers?” The most famous of these answers that we get to unanswered prayers are (God’s answer is “pause” or “I have something better as a primary concern).” But there are simply times when these answers simply don’t matter. God isn’t instructing you to hold up nor does He have something different at the top of the priority list. In any event not in our eyes.

We may have prayed to God for a youngster to be mended yet our prayers go unanswered. We may have prayed to God for an occupation yet it doesn’t come through and we are constrained from our homes with no spot to go. We may even prayer God for food to be put on the table however throughout each and every day our prayers go unanswered and our kids go hungry. The idea that rings a bell is “the reason is God needing me to pause?” How would god be able to have something better as a main priority, when every day, month, years, or even a lifetime that passes by, you actually endure.

You can’t help thinking about by what means can this much enduring be separated from God’s arrangement. You keep thinking about whether He is your dad then for what reason is He permitting life to constantly cause you torment, and why doesn’t god answer my prayers.

The response to this inquiry is hard. The main conceivable clarification is that God’s ways are not our ways. Just He knows why he puts all the more enduring on one individual and not the following or why when one individual asks their prayers are replied inside a moment while others need to hold up a lifetime. On the off chance that you take a gander at Abraham in the Bible, God held up until He was past old to satisfy His guarantee of giving him a kid.

Furthermore, and still, at the end of the day God just gave him one normal kid in the wake of promising Abraham that his descendants would be the same number of as the stars. I am certain that Abraham was anticipating that that should occur in the course of his life not a huge number of years down the line. John the Baptist was a guaranteed kid to a more seasoned fruitless couple. A guaranteed offspring of God that went through quite a while in prison and was guillotined in his 30s. On the off chance that his folks were alive would you be able to envision how furious they were more likely than not been at that point. A youngster they supplicated so hard for, one contacted by God, meeting such a shocking passing.

The main end that I can think of with respect to why God doesn’t answer a portion of our prayers is that He would not like to. He is God. It isn’t so much that He doesn’t cherish us or needs to see us endure, yet for reasons unknown noting a few prayers are not in His will and in the event that we attempt to make sense of it can cause us much disappointment and disdain toward God. You should realize that even the most conspicuous men in the Bible had their prayers unanswered. David’s newborn child still passed on after he asked and abstained. Jesus supplicated until He cried blood not to be executed and endure, yet His prayer went unanswered. I have come to discover that our time here on Earth is such a little league in contrast with the unending length of time we are to spend in paradise.

So when we have unanswered prayers or are enduring in our conditions, we should recall that it is rarely perpetual and in the event that we fly right we actually have an ideal presence to live in paradise, forever. So to God whatever it is we are experiencing it is just a small amount of a period in our lives. The main thing He needs us to do is to confide in Him and seek Him for harmony, so climate our lives appears to be acceptable, awful, up, or down. We actually believe that God can lift us out of our conditions and give us His will in even the most horrible of circumstances and unanswered prayers.